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Gifts of love, made with love.


 Our beloved Etti necklace, in Ethical Sterling Silver & Cross-brushed 18k Gold Vermeil with a polished back rests gently on your heart centre. The gorgeous heart shaped pendant is set with a triad of petite pink red Rubies which are said to invoke passion and be symbolic of a love that never fades.

Venus is the embodiment of beauty, love and all things feminine. As a divine lover, she entices all of us with her outstanding beauty. The 18k Gold Vermeil fine chain necklace is a jewelled reflection of the goddess in her feminine form.


A fine sparkling hand brushed band of gold curves into a centre of two faceted Rubys set to compliment a seal of two flowing carved hearts. Fiery and captivating Rubys with the symbol of a heart makes this ring the heart keeper. 

Our Meri Locket speaks to soft whispers from your beloved, to sweet tales of life’s biggest adventures, and to the secret place in your heart of hearts. Lockets are ancient amulets of love that carry good luck and ward off all that is less than love. The Meri Locket, in cross-brushed 18K Gold Vermeil, is a heart-crafted treasure hanging elegantly from a woven link chain… for you to fill with the one you desire, the one you hold close, the one you choose every single day.


Since the beginning of time, the love knot has been as a symbol of the unbreakable bond and eternal connection between two lovers. The association of knots with love has appeared in many cultures since ancient times. These include ancient Greek jewellery, Egyptian sculptures, and Celtic knots. Meanwhile, in ancient Arabia, lovers used love knots to send messages to each other. The delicate Airla, in Ethical Sterling Silver & 18K Gold Vermeil, also speaks to deep self-love and the unbreakable connection we have within.


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