A video by Claudia Rose 
Muse Rafa Consentino 

The Alena collection is inspired by our ongoing love affair with the Jewellery of  ancient Greece. 

The treasured creations we’ve admired in the archaeological museums of Athens and wider Greece, reach across time and into our hearts, with archetypal symbols celebrating life and the beauty of the natural world around them. Hand-crafted motifs of faith, of seeds, flowers, waves, the moon, sun and stars adorn in ageless gold… like they were made yesterday, all at once appearing as contemporary as they do ancient. 

​And indeed, that we should feel inspired to reflect similar motifs in our own creations is no mystery; though separated by thousands of years we essentially live similar lives with all of our human frailties, hopes, fears and desires. We gaze upon the same moon, and in wonder at the same stars... we swim the same oceans under the same sun, and seek to celebrate this beauty with equal passion. 

So inspired, Alena speaks to this desire…




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