We create...

We are hand-made

We look to the past to inspire our present

We resonate with beautiful form, symbology, and authenticity

We find meaning in all that lay beneath We are Modern Ancient
We are Temple of the Sun

Celeste Necklace Gold

Love this necklace so much I bought two! Although the second one is for my friend. I get a lot of lovely compliments about it and I wear it all the time. Never take it off. Love your jewelry.

Joanne E.
Peacock Necklace Gold

This is the best thing I have ever bought myself! I wear it most days and receive a complement every time! Even the chain is beautiful! Well done Temple of the Sun, you're making life beautiful.

Natalie C
Stella Necklace Gold

Love Love Love I'm so in love with this necklace! I like the option to wear it on different lengths and it creates a mini necklace at the back which is pretty. I am allergic to most jewelry but not Temple of the Sun. I have recieved so many compliments on this piece. Can't wait to add more to my collection xx

Agni Necklace Gold

In love ... I've had this necklace such a long time and wear it pretty much every day, I just wanted to write a review as unlike other brushed gold jewelry I've had in the past this is the only one that's stood the test of time!! Love all your pieces xxx

Jodie K.

So much presence It’s got so much presence and wearing this necklace makes you feel confident for some reason. I love it and wear it everyday.

Blessing Necklace Gold

Thrilled It is such a beautiful necklace. Delicate and feminine. Excellent service, pleasure to deal with this company. Prompt delivery. Very impressed.

Janene O.

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