Modern ancient

We look to the past to inspire our present.

Temple of the Sun, founded in 2014, is the realisation of a shared vision between creative couple Yonna Derofe and Darren Gallant. A reflection of their mutual passion for antiquities, archaeology and adventure, Temple of the Sun jewellery transcends trends and seasons, embodying the timeless beauty of ancient craft and symbology.

Designer Yonna Derofe’s Heritage

All Temple of the Sun pieces are designed by Yonna and imbued with the rich cultural experience of her upbringing in the cosmopolitan mecca of 1970s Istanbul. A masterful silversmith and ceramicist, her designs expertly blend ancient archetypal symbology with contemporary silhouettes, creating unique designs that are at once desirable, timeless and steeped in meaning.

In her youth, Yonna explored museums and ancient archaeological sites, endlessly fascinated by the secrets and untold stories hidden within relics of the past. Seeing millennia-old gold jewellery displayed in museums, still shining like it was gifted yesterday, both ignites her curiosity about the unknown stories they carry and fuels her desire to create enduring heirlooms to stand the test of time.

Our Process

The Virtual to Solar-Powered Evolution

Temple of the Sun began its journey by crafting high-quality 18K gold vermeil and ethical 925 sterling silver jewellery, initially offered through their online store. As the brand gained popularity and a reputation for excellent quality, its offering expanded into leading fashion boutiques including Tuchuzy and Splice, solidifying its reputation as one of Australia’s most sought-after brands.

In 2019, Temple established a solar-powered headquarters and showroom in Byron Bay, a significant milestone in the brand’s journey. Combining all of the founders’ favourite things, the space fuses antiquity-inspired relics, artisanal ceramics and contemporary furnishings collected on their travels, attracting visitors from all around the globe. It’s an honour to welcome new and returning customers into the space to experience Temple’s luxurious offerings of demi-fine and fine jewellery in person.

Temple’s Solid Gold Studio: Crafting with Integrity

Temple of the Sun is constantly evolving and growing, and in early 2020, Temple took the next step in their evolution by unveiling their very first solid gold studio. Based within the Byron Bay headquarters, the studio allows their team of artisans to craft fine jewellery using sustainably sourced solid gold and preserve ancient techniques of jewellery making. Temple is proud to continue their commitment to crafting with integrity and offer an even wider range of timeless and meaningful jewellery.

Temple of the Sun jewellery transcends trends and seasons, embodying the timeless beauty of ancient craft and symbology.

Temple Ceremonial: a Timeless Symbol of Love

In 2022, Temple proudly unveiled their first Ceremonial collection, comprising 30 unisex engagement and wedding rings in their signature ‘Modern Ancient’ aesthetic. Ceremonial speaks to the timeless allure of gold jewellery, as an object of devotion and the purest language of love. Temple’s Ceremonial rings are designed to honour love for oneself or another, destined to be treasured and adored for many lifetimes.

Handcrafted in their solid gold studio, Yonna even personally sources rare one-of-a-kind stones, including RJC-certified emeralds, rubies, Australian blue sapphires and conflict-free natural diamonds certified by the Kimberley Process, to compliment her contemporary designs. Temple is also proud to offer lab-grown diamonds as a truly ethical option.

Follow the Sun

Adorned by the likes of Nicole Kidman and endorsed by InStyle, Fashion Journal and Broadsheet, Temple has amassed a loyal following of admirers worldwide. Born from a love of doing things differently, Temple of the Sun jewellery is an invitation to express yourself and chronicle significant moments that are unique to you on your own journey through life.

Temple of the Sun is located within Arakwal Country, Byron Bay Australia. We acknowledge the Arakwal People of the Bundjalung Nation as the Traditional owners of this land and pay our respects to their living culture and to the Elders, past and present.