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October Birthstone

October Birthstone

Radiate feelings of positivity and love with October's birthstone

The history of Opal

Opal is believed to have been first discovered around 4000 BC by Louis Leakey, a famous anthropologist who uncovered the earliest known opal artefact in a Kenyan cave. Since their discovery, opals were slowly worked into decorative shapes, becoming a symbol of wealth and luck. It is believed that the name ‘opal’ is derived from the Greek derivative opállios which means ‘to see a change in colour’.  

Where is Opal from?

Opals are sourced around the world, including countries such as Brazil and Mexico, however it is officially the national gemstone of Australia, with 95% of the worlds precious opals found here in Australia. At Temple of the Sun, we are proud to be using Australian Opals in many of our fine jewellery pieces.

The properties of Opal

A stone of celestial light, opal speaks to angelic purity and serenity, balanced beautifully against a brilliant play of colour. This illuminating gemstone brings emotions to the surface that need clearing. This increased emotional self-awareness leads to feelings of increased positivity and love.

Shop the October Birthstone

Here at Temple of the Sun we use precious gemstones in our jewellery for their natural beauty, meanings and properties they bestow on their wearer.

Celebrate your October birthday with our Opal Jewellery- 9K Solid Gold, 18K gold vermeil and ethical 925 sterling silver, coin necklaces, pendant necklaces and rings.