At Temple of the Sun we believe that your beloved jewelry should last a lifetime. Jewelry carries so much sentimental value, with cherished pieces often being passed down to loved ones… becoming symbols of a timeless bond. We also understand that because you love your jewelry so much, there might hardly be a moment where you take it off… you may even swim, surf or sleep in it … and naturally over time the 18K Gold Vermeil will fade and acquire an aged patina, leaving it full of character but perhaps not looking as new as when you first bought it.

We are now offering our Temple family the opportunity to refresh and re-plate their Temple of the Sun 18K Gold Vermeil jewelry, this means that you can bring your beloved jewelry back to life whilst keeping the sentimental value. As for our Ethical Sterling Silver jewelry we can polish these for you. Simply click through our repairs email with a photo of your jewelry and we can arrange a quote.

Please note that the cost to re-plate is half of the retail price.



You can initiate the re-plating process by completing the contact form below. Our customer support team will then provide guidance on the most suitable return address to send your item to our HQ in Byron Bay, Australia.


We recommend you package your items carefully using a tracked service. We will reach our via email to confirm when your item has been received and shipped to our international studio. This service requires a completion time of 6 to 8 weeks.

Kindly note that all re-plating pieces are scheduled to be sent to our international studio on the first and third Friday of each month. The timeline for your re-plating service will begin from the Friday when it is shipped.


Once our artisans have carefully re-plated, repaired and restored your piece/s back to their signature hue, we will send an invoice for payment prior to shipping your item.

Simply fill out the contact form below or email us at with a photo of your jewellery and we will arrange a quote.

Please note that the cost to re-plate is half of the retail price.