Crafting our unique modern ancient jewellery in solid gold has long been a dream of ours, and in 2022 we realised this vision with our first fine jewellery collection, Lucia, the truest expression of all that is Temple of the Sun.

A reflection, celebration and return to our roots of inspiration; the culmination of our journey thus far and marking the beginning of an exciting new one. Lucia pays homage to transformation, from the celestial beginnings of gold millions of years ago, to the ancient craft of creating jewellery by hand - turning raw materials into precious heirlooms that honour the stories of guiding our way. Honouring the shadows of our darkest night, from which we truly appreciate the light of a new day. The unique meaning of each piece calls us to introspectively reflect. Delivering an opportunity to discover and embrace our truest selves. Revealing that what we seek, we already have.

Each piece an expression of our passion and dedication the ancient craft of creating meaningful jewellery by hand. All 9k, 14k and 18K styles are crafted in our newly unveiled Byron Bay solid gold, where our artisan jewellers use ethical solid gold and responsibly sourced gemstones to bring Yonna’s designs to life.

Fine jewellery
Ethical Solid Gold

Our 9K, 14K and 18K solid gold jewellery is ethically hand-crafted in our Byron Bay, Australia studio using recycled and responsibly sourced gold. Our gold suppliers are accredited and independently audited against the RJC Code of Practices – an international standard on responsible business practices for gold and platinum group metals. The Code of Practices addresses human rights, labour rights, environmental impact, mining practices, product disclosure and many more important topics in the jewellery supply chain.

responsibly sourced
Conflict Free Diamonds

We only source black, white and salt and pepper diamonds that are lab grown or accredited with the Kimberley Process (KPCS), a certification set up by the United Nations General Assembly Resolution to ensure transparency in the diamond trade and that all diamonds sourced are conflict-free.

Australian Blue Sapphires and Opals

Supply chain transparency is a key focus in our commitment to integrity, with gemstone traceability an ongoing area of innovation for us. We are proud to be using Australian Blueand Parti Sapphires and Opals from small, family-run mines in many of our fine jewellery pieces.

Australian Made

Our 9K, 14K and 18K gold jewellery is lovingly hand-crafted at our Byron Bay gold studio. We are proudly certified Australian Made– the true mark of Aussie authenticity. We are so honoured to bring the ancient lost wax method of crafting fine jewellery to Australia.

Solid Gold Necklaces

Solid Gold Necklaces

Solid Gold Rings

Solid Gold Earrings

Temple heritage

Temple Heritage is a sentimental collection of jewellery, made from 22k gold and handcrafted by our favourite artisans in Istanbul.

Each piece is a unique treasure that we have collected on our travels back to Turkey and is a reflection of our appreciation for the cultural and artistic heritage of this beautiful city. The designs feature instantly recognisable hallmarks of Temple of the Sun jewellery, with precious gemstones, hand-brushed textures and Anatolian motifs woven throughout.

A homage to our founder Yonna’s upgrowing in cosmopolitan Istanbul, the result is a luxurious and timeless collection that celebrates the opulence and elegance of 22k Turkish gold.

Temple Heritage

Temple Heritage