Gold Vermeil

Pronounced ver-may; vermeil is a technique originating in the 19th century, where gold is applied to a sterling silver base. Gold vermeil is created using the gold plating technique but requires a thicker layer of gold than standard plating – in the case of vermeil pieces, the gold layer must be 2.5 microns thick.

At Temple of the Sun, we use 18K gold in all our gold vermeil jewellery which we value for its rich golden lustre.

Gold Vermeil vs Gold Plated - The key differences

Base Metal

Gold plating can occur on any metal – from copper to brass – whereas gold vermeil can only be applied to a base of sterling silver. The sterling silver we use in our Temple of the Sun jewellery is ethical and recycled 925 sterling silver, making it as sustainable as possible.

Gold thickness

The thickness of the gold metal layer is another key difference, making gold vermeil jewellery a higher quality product than standard plating. Gold plating has a minimum thickness of 0.5 microns, while vermeil requires a layer of gold that is at minimum 2.5 microns thick. Gold vermeil pieces are at least 5 times thicker than standard gold plating.

Due to its added thickness gold vermeil is far more durable than gold plating – making it a more sustainable option as Temple of the Sun wearers can love their pieces longer

Ethical 925 Sterling Silver

Here at Temple of the Sun we use recycled and ethically sourced 925 sterling silver as the base metal for our gold vermeil pieces, and in all our silver jewellery. Sterling silver and the hallmark 925 represent the same thing – the mixture of silver and alloy, which is 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% copper or other alloys.

This is regarded as the highest quality silver mix as it is impossible to have pure silver in jewellery due to the metals softness, making it less durable and susceptible to damage. As our design and sustainability principles involve quality and timelessness so our pieces may be loved longer, we only use recycled and ethically sourced 925 sterling silver.

All Temple of the Sun jewellery is nickel-free.All sterling silver Temple of the Sun jewellery is stamped with 925; the hallmark which guarantees the quality and authenticity of your piece.

How To Care For Temple Of The Sun Jewellery

To maintain the beauty and brilliance of your Temple pieces, we recommend treating them with care; follow these guides to prolong the life and lustre of the finish. See our full care guide for instructions

Jewellery with meaning

We use precious gemstones in our jewellery for their natural beauty, meanings and properties they bestow on their wearer. Here are the gemstones we use, their natural hue and their meanings and properties.

repairs and replating

Temple of the Sun jewellery is designed for life's journey. For many wearers our pieces carry sentimental value, holding meaning for moments of significance and symbols of a timeless bond.

Naturally over time 18K gold vermeil fades and acquires a patina, leaving it full of character but perhaps not as new as when first worn. As part of our commitment to sustainability, we encourage our wearers to love their pieces longer by offering a 6-month warranty and opportunity to refresh and re-plate their piece. As for our Ethical Sterling Silver jewellery we can polish these for you. Simply click through our repairs email with a photo of your jewellery and we can arrange a quote.

This service is available for a fee after the 6-month warranty period.

All repairs are to be sent to the address below


PH: 02 5629708