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January Birthstone Guide

January Birthstone Guide

The fiery energy of January’s birthstone

A deep, fiery red is the signature hue of Garnet stones – but they can vary in colour from their famous red to the brilliant green of Tsavorites. Garnet is a fiery gemstone that stimulates feelings of passion, creativity and confidence. Learn about the history, provenance, and properties of Garnet in our guide to find out if it resonates with you.

The history of Garnet

Garnets are named after their beautiful deep red colour, derived from the 14th century Middle English wordgernetwhich means ‘dark red’. This word actually comes from the Latin termgranatumwhich means ‘seed’ and speaks to the red seeds of the pomegranate.

Garnets have been used in jewellery dating back to the Bronze Age, with archaeologists uncovering red garnet inlays in jewellery in Egyptian Pharaoh tombs dating back to 3100 BCE. They were also popular throughout ancient Rome and Greece during the third and fourth centuries, where they were carved and adorned on signet rings.

Revered by the ancients for its protective properties, Garnet was used as a talisman for warriors entering battle and to ward off pests and illness. A collection of Anglo-Saxon artefacts from the 6th and 7th century was discovered in Staffordshire, England in 2019, including 3,500 pieces of Garnet inlay jewellery and weapons.

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Where is Garnet from?

Garnets can be found across the globe, with different varieties and colours mined in different regions. Over half of the worlds Garnets are mined herein Australia. Traditional red, known as pyrope or bohemian garnets are also found in India, US and China. Green Garnets of the Demantoid variety are found in Russia and Namibia, Tsavorite in Kenya and Tanzania, pinkish red rhodolite in India and Sri Lanka and Mandarin garnets in Namibia.

The properties of Garnet

Speaking to the foundation, stability and security of the base or root chakra and the love of the heart chakra, Garnet carries the essence of primordial fire stimulating feelings of vitality, confidence, and strength. Harnessing the energy of Venus, fuelling the fires of passion and sensuality. Garnet was also treasured by the ancients as a stone of protection.

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