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May Birthstone Guide

May Birthstone Guide

Adorn yourself in the soothing, rejuvenating hue of May’s Birthstone.

Emerald’s verdant tones are considered to be the concentrated essence of nature and as such symbolise freshness, growth, renewal and vitality. Emeralds open the heart chakra, and their rejuvenating energy facilitates emotional healing. This precious gemstone was favoured by Cleopatra and was considered sacred to the goddess Venus. Read on to learn about the history, provenance and properties of Emerald in our guide to find out if it resonates with you.

The history of Emerald

Since ancient times Emerald has been heralded as one of the most treasured gemstones. The name derives from the ancient Greek word for green smargdos. Worn by royalty for centuries, Emerald was favoured by India’s Maharajas and Inca Emperors in their jewellery and ceremonies and was frequently worn by Cleopatra. Known for its healing properties, it was also thought Emeralds helped gem cutters, its soft, green colour comforting and soothing their weary eyes. This theory has been proved to be true, with the colour green now known to relieve eye strain and stress.

Where is Emerald from?

Emerald can be found across the globe, with large deposits found in Brazil, Bolivia, Uruguary, Zambia, and Ontario. Smaller amounts are foundin Spain, Argentina, Russia, Afghanistan, South Korea, Mexico and the United States. Initially, Emeralds were mined in India and Egypt, dating fromat least 330 BC into the 1700s. Colombia is now the largest supplier of Emeralds, and has been the world’s primary resource for over 500 years with Colombian Emeralds making up over 60% of the worlds production. Emeralds can also be found in Brazil, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

The properties of Emerald

Emerald embodies the essence of nature, symbolising growth, and renewal. Its rejuvenating energy facilitates emotional healing.

Shop the May Birthstone

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