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Our Full Guide To Chain Necklaces

Our Full Guide To Chain Necklaces

Chains are a classic staple for any necklace collection. Layer them together, incorporate pendant necklaces to make a statement that’s uniquely yours or wear them one by one – it’s entirely up to you. We love their versatility, which is why we design a variety from chunky chains to delicate choker chains in different lengths, textures and shapes. Express your individuality with chains, get inspired with our chain guide to find the right style for you.

Chain Shapes & Textures

1. Link Chain

One of the classics. Link chain necklaces feature wide, uniform links that connect.

2. cable chain

Identical links of the same size, cable chains are often used as a base piece for layering and ideal for pendants.

3. curb chain

The loops of a curb chain are flattened to create a strong, fine chain perfect for pendants.

4. figaro chain

A flattened chain featuring one elongated link followed by two or three smaller circular links that glisten in the light.

5. ball chain

Also called a bead chain or pelline chain, ball chains are one of the only styles that use suspended spheres instead of links.

6. rolo chain

Rolo chains, sometimes also called a Belcher chain, feature round or oval links that interlock in an alternating pattern.

7. rope chain

Named after their rope-like appearance, rope chains consist of small links that are braided and intertwined, often used to suspend a pendant.

8. signature temple link chain

True to Temple of the Sun style, we design our own unique hand-crafted chains that can’t be found anywhere else. Our Livia chain is a bold, chunky chain necklace featuring bespoke oversized links.

1. Cassi Chain 2. livia chain 3. nero chain 4. Kyria chain 5. niki chain 6. kyra chain 7. dante chain 8. domina chain

Chain Material

As with all Temple of the Sun jewellery, our gold and silver chains are hand-crafted by skilled artisans using recycled and ethically sourced 925 sterling silver and 18K gold vermeil.

18k Gold Vermeil

Gold vermeil is created through the gold plating technique but requires a thicker layer of gold than the traditional method at 2.5 microns thick. This thicker layer of gold gives our pieces more durability than regular gold plating as well as our signature golden glow. At Temple of the Sun, we use the highest percentage of gold alloy that can be used to make jewellery, which is 18 carats.

Ethical Sterling Silver

At Temple of the Sun we only use ethical and recycled 925 sterling silver, making it as sustainable as possible. We love the cool, bright tones of our ethical 92 sterling silver chains.

Chain Lengths

The secret to layering chain necklaces is all about points of difference, this can be achieved by mixing chain shapes and textures and varying the chain lengths to create a cascade of necklaces. Our necklaces are created in lengths from 34cm to 54 cm and all are adjustable with a 10cm extension so you can customise and layer your favourite chains.

Gold Chokers & Chains

Gold Chokers & Chains

Silver Chains