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The Silver Chain Edit

The Silver Chain Edit
A capsule collection of ethical silver chains & chokers
The silver chain edit

Silver is the shiniest of all known elements and has long captured the hearts of humans since it’s cool moon-like beauty first was first discovered, crafted, and shaped over 6000 years ago.

We too, adore its rare lustre and have crafted these beauties in Ethical Sterling Silver to adorn all of our Silver lovers out there.

These hand-made silver chain necklaces and chokers are timeless in their styling... offering durable and desirable staple pieces that can be worn, either on their own or in the layered Temple-look we adore so much.

Experiment with the variable lengths of the necklaces and pick two or three of your favourite chain styles to be worn together

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Want to start layering our silver chains?

We love the Fine Choker Chain as a first layer because of its delicacy and shorter adjustable length.

Our Xena Necklace is a classic style that has been a favourite of generations of jewellers and wearers alike combined with the finesse of the Nicoletta Necklace makes for a perfect second layer.

Finalise the look with our Kiya Chain, whose minimalistic chain texture adds a subtle touch of contrast.

How to layer necklaces
Silver Chains

Silver Chains