A river of eternal twists, life’s essence is captured in a graceful dance. Fluid curves symbolise resilience, constant renewal, and the interconnectedness of all things. Navigating uncharted territories, Greca whispers a timeless truth: embrace change, for it is the heartbeat of existence.

Our latest demi-fine jewellery collection is the purest embodiment of the Temple ethos and the launch point for evocative brand storytelling, Temple’s demi-fine offering is imbued with significance, translating ancient archetypes and symbology into modern, accessible pieces for today. These pieces prioritise experimentation and the wearer’s desire for self-expression, released in a biannual cycle and inspired by particular themes, geographical locations, historical characters or moments in time.

Greca is a deep exploration of the rich cultural heritage of Ancient Greece, revisiting history and mythological symbolism. Crafted by skilled artisans from 925 sterling silver and gold vermeil, pieces are often accented with hammered, textured finishes and dotted with peridots, emeralds, garnets, rubies, topaz, iolite and smoky quartz.

Curved shapes accentuate the body’s undulations and represent the circle of life; all the while, frames, squared gates and portals, often holding a particular stone, echo a view into a different time and place. Acutely symbolic, Greca marks and celebrates life’s most significant moments of change, distilling motifs of power, courage and transformation into a curated offering with contemporary appeal.



Photography | Jeremy Wolf
Muse | Olympia Christou
H&M | Alexis Mahoney