Phoenix Cuff Gold Vermeil


The Phoenix, a mythological animal totem, is the keeper of the fire in all of creation. It represents transformation, death, and rebirth and in its fire exists the ultimate symbol of strength and renewal.

The Phoenix Cuff, in polished 18k Gold Vermeil, has a double-headed Phoenix that holds two beautiful green agates to encourage inner strength and expansion.

The symbolic Phoenix reminds us that overcoming the darkness takes courage… we must rise to the challenge, transcend, and be in the world that which we seek…

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Size - 65mm x 52mm
Gemstone - Emerald
For every day wear we ask that you are very mindful not to open and close the cuff too much as this will create a weak spot in the middle of the band which can lead to breakage. Sterling Silver is a soft and malleable metal, so we suggest finding the right proportion for your wrist and leaving the cuff at that size.

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18k Gold Vermeil

18k Gold Vermeil

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