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How to layer necklaces

How to layer necklaces

Layering and stacking your jewelry is an empowering form of self-expression, each piece representing a moment in your life or side of your personality – and is the perfect way to elevate your own unique style.

Layered necklaces can be bold and impactful or a delicate and elegant statement, it all depends on the pieces you choose and the way you stack. The beauty of layering is the infinite choice of lengths, symbols, and chain styles to create a different look using your favourite pieces. There are no right or wrong ways to layer, as long as you feel confident and love your creation. Here are a few of our favourite tips and tricks to get you started on your layering journey.

number of necklaces to layer

In the case of layering your necklaces, three is definitely not a crowd! Two is the best place to start, and then go from there. A chain necklace layered with a pendant or coin necklace is a classic combination if you’d like to keep things simple with two necklaces, or amp up the impact by adding more chains and pendants that speak to you. It can be easy to get carried away stacking and layering, anywhere up to five necklaces in a layered look is manageable but we always love an eclectic look where more is more.

Honour yourself and collect the pieces that resonate with you, and have fun layering looks that tell your own unique and beautiful story.

Layering Gold & Silver

You may have heard people saying not to mix materials, and while many people choose to wear only one at a time, either gold or silver, don’t be afraid to stand out and mix the two. Wearing one metal can help you create a cohesive look and simplifies your choices by sticking to your go-to metal. If you decide to use only gold or silver necklaces, try playing with different silhouettes to create some texture and interest. We love layering a thicker chain like our Livia Necklace with a daintier necklace like our Cassi Necklace or Nicoletta if you prefer silver’s cool glow. If you want to mix things up with both metals, apply the same principles by adding in a variety of lengths and textures to keep things interesting. One of our favourite layering combinations is the Sura Necklace Silver with the Quinn Emerald Necklace Gold, picking up on the green hue of the Emerald’s in both pieces.

Mix up your necklace length

Using different necklace lengths is one of the easiest places to start, select one shorter choker style, one medium length and a style you can wear longer. This means each necklace sits separately from the others and is clearly visible, creating the illusion of a full stack and maximises the impact of each piece. This is particularly useful when wearing pendants so they don’t get lost in your layers. Switching up the lengths of your necklaces is also a great way to avoid tangling, although we can’t make any promises, this method can help!

Here at Temple of the Sun, we want to make layering our necklaces as easy as possible so many of our necklaces come with extension chains, giving you options for different lengths so you can easily create layers with your favourite Temple pieces. As we mentioned there are no strict rules when layering, so if you have two necklaces of the same length that resonate with you – go ahead and stack them! We do suggest mixing up the textures of the chains to give each necklace maximum impact.

Pendant & Coin Layering

Mixing and matching different shaped pendants and coins is a beautiful way to express your personality in an outfit. When it comes to the recipe for pendant and coin layering, pick the styles that resonate the most with you. When layering pendants, start with the pendant as the focal point on your chest, with other chains and necklaces added on top. Wearing two pendant necklaces is a simple and classic look, and can be easily interchanged with other pieces. If your chains are similar lengths the space can get overwhelming, so try to choose varying lenght. Adding a choker or short chain to the top can be a delicate way to elevate the look.

Want to add a bit of colour?

Stones are an easy way to achieve this, we love their naturally beautiful hues and properties they bestow on their wearer.

Symbols & Stones

Here at Temple of the Sun our jewellery carries meaning through ancient symbols and the properties of gemstones. Use the meaning behind your pieces to layer up and create a story that is a unique expression of who you are. Start with a simple chain like our Kiya Chain Necklace and add some colour and meaning to your look with a symbolic pendant and a beaded gemstone necklace, our Ios Necklace in Spinel uses the protective eye symbol and black spinel stones to bestow protection, empowerment, and hope upon the wearer. A dainty and minimal look that evokes femininity that we love is our Fine Choker Chain, Celeste Necklace Gold and Nazar Necklace Gold. The engraved crescent moon symbol on the coin pendant of the Celeste represents the feminine power of our divine Luna, while the brilliant blue sapphire stone in the Nazar necklace brings wisdom and confidence in one’s own intuition.