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Layering Guide

Layering Guide

The art of styling jewellery

Creating your own golden glow is half of the fun when experimenting with jewellery looks. We asked one of our Byron Bay boutique stylists for their essential styling hacks. If you've ever wanted your own personal stylist, read on...


The formula for layering necklaces is simple introduce a new length with each layer. Try pairing our Riveria Necklace on its shortest length with our Anki Necklace.

Layering necklaces is all about combining different materials, textures and pendants to create that perfect Temple stack. Read our Layering Guide for Necklaces, an in-depth guide to layered necklace looks.

Layering Guide for Necklaces
Layering Necklaces

Layering Necklaces

Pendant Necklaces


II. Signature Stacks

Our stylist suggests stacking earrings to create a signature look that is unique to you "if you have multiple piercings, start with a simple stud like our Leda Studs then introduce another shape with a huggie like our Omega Small Hoops. A stack like this is versatile to pair with a gemstone adorned huggie on your lobe like our Chrysalis Earrings for an understated look, or with a drop earring like our Renata Arch Earrings for more of a statement."



Huggies Earrings

Drop Earrings

play with textures

Mixing textures is a great way to create an interesting look or introduce colour to your stack. Our stylist explains "a chain necklace or bracelet is always a great place to start, bring in beads in vibrant gemstone colours to create contrasting texture, like the Santorini Necklace." Our Rhodes, Kos and Eshe Bracelets look like the perfectly styled stack but are actually one bracelet, taking the guesswork out of layering for you!



Beaded Necklaces


Curate with connection

The secret to styling success is investing in pieces that uniquely connect to you. Honour yourself and collect the pieces that resonate with you, and have fun layering looks that tell your own unique and beautiful story.

"My top recommendation is experimenting with pieces that you gravitate towards and have a connection with, you will always feel beautiful when wearing those styles."

Need help with styling your jewellery?
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If you are unsure of certain layers, styles and combination you can get in touch with our customer experience team our book a virtual appointment with one of our stylists.

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