Temple of the Sun wedding bands are designed in-house and crafted by our team of artisan jewellers in our Byron Bay studio. Our selection of Men's, Women's and unisex bands all proudly Australian Made in ethical gold and precious gemstones.

The tradition of wearing rings to signify eternity stems from the ancient Egyptians, which was then adopted by the ancient Greeks who began gifting rings to their loved ones to represent devotion.

The ancient Egyptians believed the ring finger of the left hand contained a "vena amoris" or "vein of love" that led directly to the heart. Whilst not anatomically correct, this belief was shared with the Romans who then wore their wedding rings on their ring finger - a tradition that still continues.

Plain Wedding Bands

Plain wedding bands are a classic choice, both our men's and women's rings are available in a variety of finishes. For those seeking a sleek and modern look, polished wedding bands such as our Chevron rings are a beautiful choice; while a brushed finish provides contrast and interest to a wedding stack. Our Chevron rings are available in both finishes, and a thick (6mm) and thin (3mm) width.

Diamond Wedding Bands

Illuminate your wedding stack with a band studded with diamonds, our Amari and Dua bands are modern designs with hand-crafted detailing to bring personality. For an organic feel a textural band like our Aion ring, punctuated with diamonds of different cuts and sizes is a bold statement to wear alone, or compliments a wedding stack beautifully.

Symbolic Wedding Bands

Our ancient inspired wedding bands bring to life Temple of the Sun's modern ancient design philosophy, creating designs that are at once unique and timeless. Explore non-traditional wedding band designs such as the Love Knot ring, designed as a pair of delicate bands encircling the finger to be united in a love knot on either side. Traditionally known as a Heracles Knot, this motif has been used throughout history to represent two souls forever connected by unbreakable love.

A timeless gift to yourself or another

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Bespoke Design Service

Feeling inspired to create an engagement ring with meaning and symbology completely unique to you?

We offer a collaborative bespoke design service where you work directly with our ceremonial design team to create your dream engagement ring.